Our Ethical Principles and Practices

Ethical Business Conduct

Colleagues, customers, suppliers, government, local communities and NGOs expect us to demonstrate ethical conduct and respect. Each of us must forge fair, sustainable, trust-based relationship with the people we interact.
Our ethics is designed to ensure that the relationships are built on a solid foundation of clear, shared principles and codes, which are the best way of protecting PrioTech LLC from the major risk that we can encounter in our business. Our reputation can be permanently damaged by a failure to uphold human rights or tolerance of corruption. Anything of this nature undermines partners’ confidence and business relations, jeopardizing our stability. The media revolution, especially the spread of digital media, accentuates the risks. We have to be well prepared and proactive.
That is why we have established a Code of Conduct and Ethics Committee.
PrioTech LLC firmly believe that ethics and integrity are the foundation of any relationship.

  • Our Code of Conduct
    PrioTech LLC conducts business in accordance with the values and principles set in our Code of Conduct.
  • Our ethics process
    PrioTech LLC ethics is based directly on policy statements issued by our management and is set out in our Code of Conduct.
  • Methods, resources and tools
    correct application of our ethics requires dedicated methods, resources and tools. We educate and inform our employees and consultants about this process, which are monitored using ethical assessments and internal control procedures.