PrioTech LLC Organization for Major Business segments

PrioTech LLC business enterprise supports are conducted through for business segments: “Representation and Administrative support”, “Sales agent, product distribution and Import/Export”, “Project Management Consulting” and “Support individuals to accomplish their ideas”.

  • Representation and Administrative support:
    Several foreign companies would like to present their innovative products in UAE but cannot always do it for various reasons. On the other hand, there are companies that started to work in UAE, or plan to, but don’t have all the necessary administrative support (material, HR and other necessary resources) to work in the For these companies we provide a fast and efficient support, adapted to their needs. There are also companies that want to conduct non sales activities to evaluate their products potential in UAE. Representation is a good alternative for such companies. A representation in UAE can conduct activities for the headquarters, offering information, market research, basic research and also buying and managing assets for their headquarters.
  • Sales agent, product distribution and Import/Export:
    It can happen that we discover a very good product which could have a positive impact on Human Society and the manufacturer of this product doesn’t have the necessary local market knowledge nor the connections to sell it in UAE. In this case, we can be the sales agent for this product and proceed to Import/Export operations if it is needed. If our partner wants a simple business, avoiding logistics issues and trade related risks, we can engage it the distribution solutions.
  • Project Management Consulting:
    To realize a project it is necessary to work with a professional Project Management. We propose to our partners For optimizing their success chances, we propose to our partners professional advisers in project management.